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The Toronto Sun SUNShine Girls at the Reef Club

How good is this place? The Toronto SUN came to shoot it's latest swimsuit calendar at the very same hotel. We obviously needed better coordination between our itineraries....The Toronto Sun photo crew and its swimsuited SUNShine Girls.

Many hours spent around that very pool playing volleyball in the pool and spectating viscious matches of water polo. *g* It was as beautiful as it looks. Even when the SUNshine girls aren't in the picture....

Cozumel, Mexico - Iwana Iguana


The island of Cozumel and it's one town, San Miguel, thrives on the tourism business and the cruise liners bring to it three times a week. Major expansion projects are still ongoing in the town as well as along the islands one main road, adding to the dust. The hotel area was beautiful, as were our visits off the island to the mainland, south of Cancun to Tulum and Xel-ha. The pictures below are mostly from these later two areas.

Sunset Ann.
A candid moment of Ann looking contemplative as the sun goes down on the beach.
The sunset.
We returned from our day trip just in time to watch the sun go down ... but almost not in time to get a picture of it. Most nights were hazy and low clouds would obscure the setting sun.
The sunset.
A longer shot of the sunset from the beach, with some artisitic liberties taken with the image.
Our new friends, Iwona and Slavek.
Pronounced, Ivanna and Suave-ic.
Iwona and I swap pictures. Me of them.
We took pictures of us taking pictures. Hers came out better.... See next.
Iwona and I swap pictures. Her of us.
Ann and I having a raquet.
Other picture of Iwona's; Ann and I on the tennis courts (the game at love).
Iwona and Slavek.
Waiting for the maitre d' for lunch.
Playa Del Carmen.
A view of our arrival to the mainland from the ferry on the way to Tulum.
The Mayan Ruins at Tulum.
An impressive site. The ruins are set against a seascape, the only Mayan ruins that are found next to the sea.
Ann and Ken at Tulum.
Me showing of me "Boor" moustache, Ann showing off suncburned knees. It was very hot as evidenced by the sweat on my shirt.
The Beach at Tulum.
A small sandy crescent beach lies between the Mayan temples. A popular spot on such a hot day.
Photo Shoot.
I snap Iwona snapping Slavek on the sea cliffs.
Creature in the ocean.
From the same vantage point as in the last picture, the water was so clear that we could turn slightly right, look way down, and see down to the fish in the ocean. The picture was taken with a 300mm zoom from on toop of the cliff.
A wide shot of the Ruins.
Iwona and Slavek navigate the rocky path and survey the sprawl of the ruins.
Spot the Iguana.
Wouldn't this make a great jigsaw puzzle? *g* An iguana sits on the steps of the Mayan temple, almost invisible.
Iguana at the salad bar.
Easier to spot this one. There were numerous iguanas roaming around the site. This is where I first mentioned to Iwona that I was going to create an "Iwanna Iguana" site on my homepage. *g*
Lunch at Xel-ha.
About 20 minutes back up the road after we left Tulum, we turned into Xel-ha, where we had a nice Mexican lunch and were entertained by a three-piece orchastra (all on the same piece....) Xel-ha is a snorkelers Meca, as you can see when you visit the "Aquarium"
Still waters run clear....
A view of some of the sea life through the clear waters of Xel-ha.
A view of San Miguel from the ferry pier.
An evening view having returned from our trip to the mainland.

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