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Bavaro Beach Hotel

Bavarao Beach Hotels


The Pool at Bavarao Beach Barcelo Palace Hotel

The pool at Bavaro Beach Barcelo Palace Hotel


Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, Domincan Republic, Sept 1996

Ann and I went to Bavaro Beach Palace Hotel in 1996, our first sun vacation since going to Greece for our honeymoon in 1994. The Bavaro hotel compound (a fitting word to describe the resort - a series of five or six hotels inside a fence and gated area) was a fantastic place, an all-inclusive resort. You wristband got you free meals and drinks as well as, most importantly, GOLF! We came home with great memories, bad pictures and a new favourite drink: Badidos des Bananes! Email for the recipe. *g*

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Ann on the Punta Cana runway.
The airport was an experience in itself. No buildings, just a thatched roof to cover the airport services area. It poured as we were leaving, but as you can see, it didn't last long.
Ann, Nigel and Bev at Bavaro.
We posed with our Australian friends Nigel and Bev who flew with us from Toronto, and returned to Australia shortly after our vacation. Nigel and I shared a few rounds on the hotel's golf course. (Yay!)
Bavaro Palace Hotel and pool.
The pool (with swim up bar) was one of several pools in the compound. Ours was easily the nicest (should have been too, it was the most expensive). Of course, most of our time was spent swimming in the ocean....
The Beach as seen from the Pool
Turning around from the pool gave you a nice view of the Caribbean Ocean through the palms. Ann and I sat here one night to watch lightening from a distant thunderstorm through the darkness.
The Beach from the Water
Ann and I went out on the paddle boats a few times, enjoying the exercise and the views. This is the beach in front of the Palace as seen from the water.