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The "Overlook Hotel" (not really *s*) at the foot of Mt. Washington

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New England '97 -
The Driving Tour

Hey! A departure in the Departure Gate. No
flying this time, just me, Ann and Einzelbeamen (my Honda). The worst thing a married couple could do is spend extended time together in a car. Well... it seemed like it at the start. The idea was to stop in Bangor on the first night. But there was a convention and no hotels. It was 11:00pm and we drove on. It was 2:00am when we found a spot in Augusta. Not an auspicious beginning. But we made Salem on day two and the weather was great. We got to Boston the next night. Walked around the city a lot. Went to Faneuil Hall Marketplace (where we ate just about every meal we had in Boston), walked the freedom trail, Bunker Hill, old Ironside, all that stuff. Saw Fenway. It was a Sunday when we were driving the interstate around the city, going from one hotel to another, when an open-top jeep went by in the other direction, obviously heading for Foxborro with a big Patriots flag flying from the back of the Jeep. Hence the logo at the top of this

A couple of days later we left Boston to drive up the Cape Saint Ann coast and then up into New Hampshire. The trip home was coloured by having watched an episode of "Dellaventura"; our driver adopted a distict Bronx accent, and kept telling all the other drivers "how much deep shit dey was in....". All in all, a very nice trip.

Picture List:
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First Stop, Salem, Mass.
After a longer than expected first day driving, we reached Salem at about two pm on Day 2. We didn't know it then, but it was the last hot day of summer. Lots of witchy places. Lots of witchy stories....
Photo taken just after the Sox played their last game of the year. Fenway is a spooky place. You can feel the ghosts. Sort of appropriate this picture comes after Salem, Mass....
Ann at Cape St. Ann's
Driving out of Boston (listening to Howard Stern) and ending up having lunch at the world's best clams and chips place ... well one of them anyway that dots the New Englandf coast. And we saw a really big rock....
Significant Realty
... and a house. That had a great view of the rock. I saw this house and wondered: a) who lives here?!?!? and b) would the cost of my house pay it's rent for a month?
New Hampshire! Yay!
On the way from Boston to New Hampshire, summer ended. The temperature turned cool, then cold. We stopped in North Conway where the hotel prices were on the rise while the temperature was on the way down (*Mohammed Ali voice*: Evrybody talkin 'bout foliage....)
Mount Washington
You've seen the bum,ber stickers: "This car climbed Mount Washington". Well, ours didn't. We almost did, but there were icy conditions half way up and price to climb it didn't come half way down. It made for nice viewing though.
Not "The Shining", but a great looking place to stay.
This is a better view of the mountain. Wow. And a golf course too. I almost played it, but it was a bit too cold and a bit too pricey. See the snow? Summer was over by now, and the Salem heat seemed an age away.
Shipleys at Ripley's
Hey. This pic takes a while to open. Open it in a new window and and go back to look at it in about five minutes...

Instead of golfing, we went hiking to Ripley Falls. It was a nice hike. This was a highlight of the trip. I was very pleased with how the pictures came out ... the time lapse on the shutter to make the falls look like milk. The idea to arrange them in an animated gif came only after I'd scanned them all in. Note the big wool sweater, another reminder how suddenly summer ended that year.